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Consultancy is not "free advice". Digital Six Creative willingly advises all potential clients of the most professional & cost effective methods to achieve the goals for their project - however fair useage applies. If it becomes evident your project has no intention of progressing beyond the "free advice" stage, Digital Six Creative reserves the right to stop providing it.


Prior to any work commencing a no-obligation proposal will be provided (neither party has yet agreed to progress further with the project). This proposal is representative of your original project brief & outlines all associated fees, any additional terms & conditions where relevant and indicates a realistic timescale.


By agreeing to proceed with your project proposal you have now commissioned Digital Six Creative to undertake your project. You have also agreed to pay for all & any work undertaken on your project & accept all of the following -
3.1. THE PAYMENT: A 50% non-refundable payment of agreed proposal fee is required before any work commences, with the balance due upon completion & prior to public release of any work (or elements of). Payment is accepted via bank transfer only. International clients wishing to pay via PayPal must absorb transaction & currency convsersion fees. Unless otherwise agreed, no part of any project will be publicly released prior to full payment. Payment terms for any project not outlined here are seven days from reciept of invoice.
3.2. THE DEVELOPMENT: Following the agreement & during development, if you decide not to proceed with the project for any reason a project kill fee representing 75% of the outstanding balance applies. Additional requests outwith the original brief will be proposed & agreed (as above) prior to commencement. Where any project development sees deviation from original brief beyond reasonable description, the original project will be deemed complete & the outstanding balance due before renegotiation for the new brief is undertaken.
3.3. THE CREATIVE RIGHTS: During development you will be required to proof elements via private server. You are expressly forbidden to use, share, distribute or reproduce in part or full any of these elements by any media whatsoever. All elements remain my intellectual property under the license as set out at the bottom of the page & remain copyright to PaleGallery Design. You may use the project only within our agreed brief, terms & formats in addition to any advertising of the project you have commissioned. You may not re-sell or re-distribute design elements in full or in part, modify, manipulate, alter or claim as your own (or any others') work.
3.4. THE RELEASE OF WORK: You will have had access to view your project during development (web projects) or multiple proofs (print projects). Sign-off is where you pay any outstanding fee & I release my work to you for use under our agreed terms. All print work must be paid in full prior to delivery.
3.5. TWEAKS vs. MAINTENANCE: These are two different things & usually affect web based projects. Following go live, Digital Six Creative provides seven days 'tweak time' free of charge (FOC). This provides an opportunity for clients to live with & look at web projects every day & request subtle changes such as text edits or swapping (not editing) images & DOES NOT extend to layout changes. Beyond seven days, these subtle changes are deemed as 'maintenance' & will be charged per hour at my current rate of £25 per hour (2015-).
3.6. THE SUPPORT: I provide free ongoing support for all fully paid client projects via email with a fair useage policy.


Where you supply photographs, design elements or images, it will be assumed that you have permission to do so (we will ask you to confirm this in writing via email). You are liable for any resulting legal costs if you do not have the correct permissions. Learn more about this at All work by Digital Six Creative is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License - Creative Commons Licence. Copyright abuse or theft of work will be chased.


Digital Six Creative agrees to undertake projects based on the first brief given, proposal sent, agreement of that proposal, payment terms, development, creative rights, project release & copyright requirements. Where any client deviates from these stages of agreement - work undertaken will be witheld and may be re-purposed (part or full) in any form seen fit to make good loss of the previously agreed payment. Digital Six Creative will not use, edit or re-purpose any photographic element which has been supplied to by the client.